Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kok sheik + Shiau Woon Wedding day

Have been so long from my last wedding post, as I promise you kok sheik, I'll upload ur photos here~
Here are some of my favorite shoots~
Wish you a happy marriage ya~

By Darren Jee --- Malaysia Wedding Photographer


Kok-Sheik said...

You are the man !!!
Thank you for the excellent photos.
It was a very memorable day for me and ShiauWoon. Let's keep in touch the way we always do.

All the best to you.

Ps. Those of you who are looking for a photograph, Darren is a very talented person. Give him a try. I am recommending him without reservation.

Darren Jee said...

Thanks kok sheik for giving me opportunity to shoot your wedding, i really enjoy your wedding.
Wishing u and shiau woon a good marriage life in japan ya.
Keep in touch.

Wan said...


your pic getting better n better heheheh i cant wait to see mine come out from your camera and your imagination hahahahhah

i am 100% RELYING ON U NOW !!!! hehehhe