Monday, November 3, 2008

Tommy & Aryl, Nov 02_Part 01 (am)

This is one gorgeous wedding that had style, beautiful people, laughter (lots of it) and love. It was really fun photographing this one because everywhere you turn, you see a beautiful scene unfolding before you.

These is some of my favourite shoots. 

By Darren Jee,Malaysia Wedding Photographer


Nema® said...

for real great wedding. It can be seen in this photos. I really love it!

afoi said...

great work in capturing the precious moment and mood..
nicely done.

Adam Ong said...

Hai Darren, I'm Adam Ong, get your blog add from K, Great work, and nice to meet u!

f1foong said...

Darren, nice wedding shots u've got there!!

Especially love d photo of d bride's shoes! Perhaps Dato Jimmy Choo shld commission u 2 b d photographer 4 his shoes' commercial advertising as well! Really! ^_^

TY said...

you captured moments!! good work and hope to see, photo size a bit small...hahha